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We have a thriving community of homeschoolers asking questions and discussing homeschooling in Manitoba!

Heartland Archery

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Hello MASH members,

Heartland Archery is offering 8 lessons for homeschooling families; Tuesdays at 1:00 pm starting March 25th 2014. The cost is $68.00/child. (This is a reduced rate because its during the day.)

Heartland is located in East Kildonan (River East South) off of Nairn Avenue; turn right, before the Pony Corral Restaurant.
10-K Keenleyside St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2L 2B9

If you are interested,

you can call Heartland at 204-661-5670
you can email them at

Heartland has a list of names and is currently taking registrations.

Stony Mountain Ski Area

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Home Schoolers can take Advantage of Stony Mountain Ski Area’s School program during the week. Check their calendar to find out when Stony Mountain is offering bonus days and you can also take advantage of their school rates. Available to individual families or groups.

Hours on Bonus Days 10am – 3pm

Ski Program – includes all equipment, lift ticket & 1 hour group lesson only $25!
If student has own equipment – $15
Snowboard Program – includes all equipment, lift ticket & 2 hour group lesson only $37!
*If student has own equipment – $20*
*Must not be a plastic snowboard*

Just give Stony Mountain Ski Area a call to book!

High School Enrichment Week 2014

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Homeschoolers have the opportunity to participate in the University of Winnipeg High School Enrichment Program 2014 from April 28-May 2.
Tuition for the week is $150 per student.

The brochure and application form are available at:

Please register directly to Sandy Tolman (address listed below) by March 14th.

There are a limited number of placings so it is on a first come basis but the University will try to accommodate anyone who is interested. It can be a great learning experience!

Please send your application directly to Sandy Tolman.
Under division name write Homeschooling and Rita as the contact person.
You will be contacted directly.
Please send an e-mail to {This email is obscured. Your must have javascript enabled to see it} as well so we know how many spaces to request for 2015.

Sandy Tolman
Administrative Assistant
University of Winnipeg
Faculty of Science, Deans Office
Richardson College for the Environment & Science Complex
515 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R3B

MASH Winter Indoor Picnic

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Hello MASH members,

We are having our MASH : Winter Indoor Picnic in the St. James area. This will be the first time we have an indoor picnic.

February 11th 2014 at 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Heritage Victoria Community Centre
950 Sturgeon Road (near the Grace Hospital)
Winnipeg, MB

Please bring a NUT-FREE lunch to eat.

There are a lot of tables in this room and its quite large.

If you have skates and helmets, please bring them to enjoy the rinks outside.

For the children who are staying inside, we can play soccer on one side of the Hall and board games on the other side. Please bring a board game, if your children are going to play board games.

We have access to toys, crafts and sports equipment. When we are done playing with any of these objects, we need to put them away.

They have a Hall rule, we need to wear indoor shoes when we are in the Hall.

There is a cost to this event because any Hall in Winnipeg has a rental price. The rental price for this Hall is $125.00 for a minimum of 4 hours.

The cost will be $10/family.

We will see you all at the Winter Picnic,

Your MASH Advisory Team.

January 2014 Newsletter

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Here is the latest MASH newsletter.  Please let us know if you have an event or article that you would like featured in the next MASH newsletter.

You can find previous editions of the newsletter here.

Local Support Groups

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There are a several homeschooling support groups in the province:

Manitoba Association for Schooling at Home (MASH) is a secular organization with an active francophone contingent. They offer support, information and several activities to their members.

Westman Homeschool Connection is a network of diverse families in and around Brandon. You can find every homeschooling style, kids of all ages, levels, and abilities, and a great group of people. They also offer a May conference.

LIFE (Learning is Forever), run entirely by volunteers, offers field trips and lessons arranged specifically for homeschoolers.

Manitoba Association of Christian Home Schools Inc. (MACHS) offers a vast range of information and networking for Christian families, in addition to an annual well-attended provincial conference.

The Winnipeg Homeschool Yahoo Group is an active email group of local homeschoolers. It is a wealth of information and support.


MASH’s Facebook group is Manitoba Homeschools

Westman Homeschool Connection

Winnipeg Homeschoolers

Winnipeg Homeschooling Network

Unschooling Manitoba

Green Action Center Evening about Cycling and Walking in Winnipeg

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The Green Action Center has asked us to post this message, asking for Homeschoolers to participate in a workshop about walking and cycling in Winnipeg.

The seminar is this week, December 12th, p-8pm at Bourkevale Community Center.

Click the image to enlarge it and see more details:


green action youth seminar


Swimming Lessons at the South YMCA

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The South YMCA on Fermor Avenue is offering Swimming lessons to Homeschooling Youths ages 13 and older.

These lessons are given on Thursday mornings 10:30 am to 11:45 am.
The maximum number of youths they are taking is 7.

There is currently one youth registered, they need a minimum of 3 youths to be able to offer these lessons.

These lessons are starting Thursday, January 9th 2014.

To register please contact the South YMCA at 204-233-3476 as soon as possible, before the beginning of the Christmas holidays.

Important MASH Event: Parent’s Event Nov 23rd, 2013 1pm

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Hello MASH members,

We are having a MASH : Parents’ Event on Saturday, November 23rd 2013 from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm. Last year this event was called MASH : Parents’ Night Out. We changed the name because the event will be presented at any time in a public location.

The event is taking place at the Saint-Boniface Library 131 Provencher Blvd; Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg (phone # : 204-986-4331).

This event is only for adults and nursing babies.

Please bring a Nut-Free snack to share.

The topics of this event will be How to fill out a Notification Form and a Question and Answer Period. After the sharing of answers to the topics, we will share the snack we brought and socialize with others who attended the event.

Please come and attend.

MASH Advisory Team

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